1.Neck circumference(cm)

2. Neck width

3.Girth circumference

4. Dogs Weight

5. Dogs Height

6. Dogs Breed

7. Point of Brisket to girth

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Breastplate prices

  • Dogs 65cm and under in height $160.00 VIP price $150.00 posted
  • Dogs 66cm and over in height $180.00 VIP price $170.00 posted
  • T/Plates 65cm in height and under $90.00. 66cm in height and over $100.00 posted
  • Wide Neck Collar $55.00 posted. All prices are GST inclusive.
  • Payment by Credit card (preferred) money order, ¬†or direct deposit (no cheques or C.O.D)

The protective accessories measure sheet for download