About Us

We have been hunting feral pigs since the mid eighties with various dog breeds.

In 1991 it was all about breeding dogs that could not only find you a pig but catch it and hold it, when the export market for feral game meat in high demand and paying on average of $1.50 per kilo year in year out this was not only a sport it was to a major income, and this is where the perfect dog breeds all stared. We had a couple of friends that we dealt with in the industry one had a pure Irish Wolfhound x pure Roman Nose Bullterrier and another friend had a pure Bullmastiff x pure Boxer these lines were put together and come up with the breed we currently use and breed. We kept a male from the wolf x bullterrierĀ  and a female from the boxer x bullmastiff , over the next 12 months they were tested for their huntingĀ  skills with our other dog breeds, as it was about getting as many pigs as possible for the chillers.

It did not take long to realise that this breed of dog had some incredible features with their hunting ability and temperament around the house as a pet when they were not hunting. We decided on crossing the breeds and came up with our perfect breed of hunting dog which we still hunt and breed today.

The pups we breed range from hairy to shorter coat with whiskery hair. Brindle, fawn and white in colours of their coats. Solid dogs in build very quick and versatile, great hunting and family dog.